La Sasse : Mountain Spring

In Megève, there is an entirely unspoilt natural area, known to the ancients for generations, where several springs flow :

The Domaine de la Sasse.

Dominique Méridol, a fierce protector of this vast catchment area, has selected one of them that his ancestors called “La Taverne” in reference to its reliable and constant flow.

After a long journey through a natural filter which ensures its crystal clear transparency, this mountain spring water, very low in sodium, shows a remarkable balance which is noticeable when tasting.

All the qualities of this water are preserved by a bottling on the collection site at 1700 metres altitude, without filtration, only by gravity.


Pierre Margara

The bottle

I found inspiration in the deepest part of my being, and in the pleasure of being in perfect harmony with my two friends, their enthusiasm, their courage, their tenacity.

The vertical lines symbolise the mountains, the spirit of the water, the waterfalls…

The shape of the bottle comes from my imagination, sensual, emotional; as beautiful to look at as it is pleasing to the touch.

Thank you my friends, for trusting in me!

Pierre Margara


Emmanuel Renaut

The ambassador

For me, this beautiful adventure is above all a human story that I have shared for these past 15 years with my friends Dominique and Pascal.

La Sasse is a magical place and I feel very close to Dominique, a fervent nature defender, who knows how to work with his hands.

The water from La Sasse, collected without filtration, brings a remarkable balance when tasting, and perfectly complements my dishes.

Emmanuel Renaut


The spirit

We have put all our energy and passion in the realisation of this great adventure that respects our values and the authenticity of a unique area.

Dominique Méridol et Pascal Serguier